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We ride the extra mile with true grit when it comes to satisfying your needs. Thermal-Vac Arizona’s goal is to be your one-stop shop to get your product from the drawing board to delivery.
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Full Fabrication Process Management

Thermal-Vac Arizona will take control of your production chain, from initial forming through machining, joining, finishing, and delivery. Along the way, our experts scrutinize every detail to ensure parts are handled properly and worked to meet engineering requirements.
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Testing Services

Our shop has all the state-of-the-art tools to verify the integrity of a brazed joint or analyze the metallurgical consistency of a part’s finish. We conduct helium leak testing, hardness testing, mechanical testing, X-ray analysis, and more.
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The facility at Thermal-Vac Arizona includes a complete machine shop. Along with cutting out transportation time and cost, having a qualified machinist on hand gives us the chance to keep a close eye on each step, ensuring that every cut is made with the final outcome in mind.
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Engineering support

Thermal-Vac Arizona has access to a deeply experienced team of engineers who specialize in what we do. We will work with your development team to ensure designs are optimized for the entire production process. Because brazing is in our bones, we’re especially keen to dial in the right spacing to deliver a strong joint. We also love to tackle tricky problems no one else knows how to solve.

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To lighten your load, we pick up and deliver throughout the region. Our crews understand the importance of the parts they’re transporting. They’ll babysit your assets and get them where they need to be—without you needing to find a separate carrier.
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