Heat Treatment, All Day

We heat treat in ways that make the southwestern sun look like a gentle breeze. Our treatments include induction methods, air processing, and atmospheres infused with argon and nitrogen. We transform your materials into unbreakable fortresses, making sure your parts stand strong against the test of time. The process is a far cry from tossing materials into an inferno and crossing your fingers. It’s an exact science that involves intricate knowledge of a meticulous balance of heat and cold, temperature swings, and the very essence of metallurgical properties.
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Induction Treatments

This is where things get electrifying – quite literally. We infuse metals with super strength and toughness. Our induction treatments infuse metal with strength and durability using the power of electromagnetic fields. Argon and nitrogen are our allies, ensuring that the transformation happens in an environment that’s as precise as a sharpshooter’s aim.
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Vacuum Heat Treatments

This bad boy means business. With our vacuum atmosphere doing its thing, there’s no need for post-processing cleaning. Say goodbye to scale and discoloration, and hello to reduced distortions. And the really cool thing about our vacuum heat treatment is it’s a greener, cleaner process. We craft materials that can stare down the toughest challenges and give Mother Earth a rest.

Our treatments cover the whole shooting match: Stainless steel, alloys, tool steels, powdered metals, titanium alloys, copper/brass, nickel alloys, soft magnetic and electrical steels, and super alloys. You name it, we’re turning up the heat and baking them all to perfection using our inert gas quenching, annealing, age hardening, and stress relieving technologies.

If you’re looking for materials that stand up to the extremes, give us a shout. We’ve got the heat, the science, and the attitude to make your parts and components the superstars they’re meant to be.

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Vacuum Heat Treat

Atmosphere Heat Treat