Meeting the Demand for Vacuum Brazing in Arizona

Thermal-Vac Arizona is here because we think the vacuum brazing step of your manufacturing process chain should make your product more profitable.

The words “profit margin” might set your teeth on edge. We’re all used to the top-down price pressure from customers, but the last few years of bottom-up pressure from supply chains, inflation, and logistics nightmares have cut margins to the bone.  

Vacuum brazing isn’t sexy (even if it’s cool). When the job’s done well, no one outside the quality control room will say, “That’s one tight joint.” 

But brazing can be a money-maker. How? By delivering reliable results on time—simple as that.

Of course, it’s not so simple.  

Doing the hard work to bring vacuum brazing to Arizona

Brazing shops like ours don’t pop up overnight. They take years to plan and build. Trade schools don’t teach enough hands-on knowledge for raw recruits to step in and start doing top-notch work: they have to learn the hard way. 

We took the leap to open our shop in Chino Valley because we heard from friends in industry that northern Arizona needed what we bring to the table: an obsession with technical accuracy, proven processes, and the right mix of nerd, brute, and buddy.

All this means is that replicating what Steve Driscol built in Orange, California over several decades will take time. But taking risks to meet the needs of customers is how Thermal-Vac has stayed out front of the industry over that time, and Chino Valley is just the latest example of that family tradition at work.

Shaking the money maker

Thermal-Vac Arizona’s vacuum brazing services and full fabrication process management offer northern Arizona’s manufacturers a local source for cutting metallurgy process costs. We save our customers money the old fashioned way:

  • Step-by-step expertise, starting with planning the brazing process before the first component goes to fabrication.
  • Engineering smarts focused on how brazing works.
  • State-of-the-art furnace controls and testing equipment.
  • A network of trusted partners who do the work we don’t do ourselves: fabrication, logistics, and much more.
  • An obsession with customer success.

All these pieces of the puzzle come together to deliver a level of transparency, reliability, and consistency that our customers need to avoid turning vacuum brazing into a high risk, high cost headache. 

Get in on the ground floor

As Thermal-Vac Arizona spins up our shop’s capabilities, we’re building relationships throughout the region to find people who think like us: no problem is too hard to solve, provided you have the best people working on it. 

Is your business getting the results it needs from its vacuum brazing shop? Give us a call at (714) 997-2601 to tell us about the gaps that are dragging down the profitability in your fabrication process chain. Chances are good we have ideas for closing them.